Lola's Platform


Dearborn’s property taxes are off the charts! High property taxes have been driving away so many of our investors and young families looking to reside within our city. As a successful entrepreneur with a thriving title agency company, Lola understands the ins and outs of balancing a budget and keeping us in the green. If elected, Lola will work to identify excess spending in our city’s budget and look for solutions to trim the fat, lower our city taxes, and relieve Dearborn residents of this heavy financial burden.

Economic Development

Mom and pop shops keep Dearborn moving! Our city’s small businesses are integral to our community’s economic resilience. Lola understands that it’s important for Dearborn dollars to stay in Dearborn businesses, so she will work to eliminate unnecessary red tape which prevents many small businesses from officially launching. Lola will work to demystify the permitting process and establish relationships with public and private partners to promote business development in Dearborn.

Public Safety

One of the most attractive attributes of our city is the safety of our communities! Our police and fire departments are key to maintaining our public safety and building positive relationships with city residents. If elected, Lola will ensure our police and fire departments have access to all the necessary funding, training, and subsequent resources needed to protect our city and serve their communities.

Neighborhood Services

Lola understands that good neighborhood services are critical for so many Dearborn families. After all, nobody wants to live in a city that isn’t clean or safe! Lola will hold the necessary parties accountable to ensure Dearborn residents receive the very best quality services. She will work with the department of Property Maintenance and Development Services to bring you the safest and cleanest streets. Lola will ensure Dearbornites feel empowered to get involved and report any quality of life issues they may experience within their neighborhoods, creating a more beautiful and livable community for us all.

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